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Interactive Timelines covering 1945 to the present day span the outer walls of the circular exhibition space which is split into 6 musical eras, each with it's own space coming off the central core.

Working closely with Land Design Studio, Clay were able to fully integrate the Timelines into the architecture and design of the individual spaces which each have a unique look and feel based on the musical era they present.

Each ultra-widescreen Timeline has a higher than HD resolution screen projected 4 meters high and connects to a series of ceiling mounted speakers. The timelines present the thousands of interesting facts, movies, images, news headlines and music to visitors in a fluid real-time playback engine that combines concepts of digital wallpaper and interactive exhibit.

Individual users explore the large amount of content using just a single trackball, choosing the things that interest them most. A separate terminal allows for multiple users and also provides access to the optional accessibility features, such as automated speech reading of text entries.

When not under the control of a visitor, the timelines randomly wander through the content themselves, keeping the spaces alive and inviting even when empty.

The Timelines integrate with the RFID Smart Ticket system that allows visitors to bookmark content for later retrieval via the MyBME website, and the curatorial team at the British Music Experience can update Timeline content easily without relying on external suppliers or specialists, enabling them to keep the exhibition fresh and up-to-date with minimal cost.


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