Clay / 9000 (AKA Sleepy Robot) Clay / 9000 (AKA Sleepy Robot)

Clay / 9000 (AKA Sleepy Robot)

When he’s awake the Clay / 9000 is designed to tell visitors stories about well-known robots in science fiction literature. The stories are animated on a screen embedded into his chest.

Using a Kinect sensor and our custom software, the sleepy robot can detect when visitors approach. When they do, he wakes up and follows them with his eyes whilst he tells them stories about robots from science fiction featured in the exhibition.

The robot was designed and prototyped in-house using 3D software before being fabricated in glass reinforced plastic. The design integrated two LCD displays, speakers and a Kinect sensor into its form with room for a Mac Mini and ventilation.

Over 114,000 visitors explored this temporary exhibition at the British Library.

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