Rapid Response Rapid Response Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Unexpected incidents and emergencies are commonplace in all urban environments. How can smart systems be used to improve the emergency responses that are despatched on a daily basis? Rapid Response is a one or two player game where the main player tries to respond to incidents as quickly as they can.

A second player can join in the fun, creating incidents in the fictional city by dragging icons onto a map. As their opponent responds to the incidents, the emergency services are seen traveling between locations.

After the player has discovered how challenging it can be keeping tabs on all the incidents, they switch to using an intelligent response system, which collects relevant information and makes smart suggestions as to which services are required and where. Using this advanced system, incidents can be responded to quicker, saving lives and reducing the impact on the city.

This multi-screen, two player exhibit is launched by the user swiping their RFID based smart-ticket, integrates into a CMS-driven presentation framework provided by ISO Design, and synchronizes content across screens by sending realtime data over a network.


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