Protecting the City Protecting the City Protecting the City

Protecting the City

Monitoring technology enables us to spot crimes before they take place, detect them quickly and capture criminals. Protecting the City challenges the visitor to set up a smart surveillance system, and then use it to find a suspect package in a busy airport.

Posed as a multi-stage challenge, the visitor is introduced to the concept of a virtual barrier, whereby automated systems detect unusual activity within a defined zone of an airport. Intelligent computer vision systems scans live imagery from surveillance cameras, detecting known faces of criminals, tracking number plates of vehicles, and locating suspect packages.

The player finishes the game by discovering that surveillance systems play an important part of an investigation after an incident occurs. They are asked to look through recorded footage from cameras to pick out key pieces of evidence that secures the conviction of a potential terrorist plot.

This touchscreen exhibit is launched by the user swiping their RFID based smart-ticket, and integrates into a CMS-driven presentation framework provided by ISO Design.


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