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The Battle of Britain Bunker Visitor Centre

London Borough of Hillingdon

March 2018

Interactives and Media

Clay worked closely with exhibition designers Skellon Studio to design and develop interactive and linear digital media for a new visitor centre that sits alongside the original wartime bunker in Hillingdon, London.

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Building the Future

National Army Museum

April 2017

Follow the Drum

Using our proprietary body tracking software, multiple visitors can become new recruits and experience the thrill of participating in an army drill. It's important to respond to the Sergeant's commands with the correct movements to avoid being singled out and shouted at!

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Our Lives In Data

Science Museum

July 2016

Data Mirror

Clay designed a magic mirror at the entrance to the exhibition that looks out onto the gallery space and explains how 'your face is data'. Our ambition was to create a playful experience that didn't frighten visitors but still showed how sophisticated systems can become when they are trained with enough data.

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EXPO Milano, UAE Pavilion

National Media Council UAE

May 2015

Experience Design:
Land Design Studio

Pavilion App

To accompany each visitor's experience, Clay developed a publicly downloadable mobile app for Apple and Android devices. This app uses the latest in Augmented Reality technologies to deliver re-interpreted vignettes of each of the media cubes stories.

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Media Cubes

With millions of visitors flowing through the pavilion throughout its short lifespan, we wanted to keep the cubes quick and magical, delivering short stories in an enigmatic way.

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Atmosphere: Exploring climate science

Science Museum

December 2010

Exhibition Designers:
Casson Man
Graphic Designers:
Nick Bell Design

What's Causing The Warming?

Using augmented reality and a book interface, What's Causing The Warming? employs a series of pop-up animations to explore the evidence behind the most likely causes of the increasing temperature.

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