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Future by Airbus

Good Relations

June 2011

iPhone App

To coincide with the Future by Airbus launch event, Clay produced iPad and iPhone apps to take the Concept Cabin to a wider audience.

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Interactive Presentation

Working with the communications agency Good Relations, Clay devised apps and software to help Airbus S.A.S. launch their vision of the future of air travel.

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World Clocks

Horus Capital

September 2007

Scheme Designers:
Casson Man

Ambient Clocks

Clay designed and produced a real-time ambient clock installation for the headquarters of Horus Capital in Moscow, Russia.

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Front of House Software


June 2008

Scheme Designers:
Land Design Studio

Content Production and Delivery Software

Clay designed and produced a scalable software system enabling Christie's to produce, schedule and deploy visually striking content throughout their newly refitted reception area at their London King Street building.

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