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Cabinet War Rooms

Imperial War Museums

March 2017


Clay designed and produced two interactive exhibits to update the original fit-out of the Churchill War Rooms from 2005. Both pieces included new set-works and physical interfaces designed by us as part of our interactive concept.

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Plague, Fire, Revolution

National Maritime Museum

November 2015

Samuel Pepys digital diaries

Samuel Pepys was one of the most colourful and appealing characters from history and witnessed many of the great events that shaped 17th century Britain, bringing them brilliantly to life in his famous and candid diary.

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St Cuthbert Gospel

British Library

April 2012

St Cuthbert Gospel - Digital Facsimile

Clay created a real-size digital facsimile of the St Cuthbert Gospel for the British Library

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Royal Manuscripts

British Library

November 2011

Royal and Religious Iconography

This interactive, located early in the exhibition, gives visitors the tools to recognise and interpret some of the iconography that appears in the beautiful and detailed manuscripts on display.

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Matthew Paris

Matthew Paris's illustrated journey to the Holy Land

This interactive allows visitors to see the pages of the manuscript in the original book context, and then animated in 3D, cut into sections and arranged into the reading order devised by Paris.

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Front of House Software


June 2008

Scheme Designers:
Land Design Studio

Interactive Books

Clay wrote the software and created the media that allows visitors to Christie's to turn the pages of media rich catalogues with a simple wave of their hand.

The highly fluid, responsive motion and photographic quality of these digital books gives a magical impression in Christie's receptions in London and New York.

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Atmosphere: Exploring climate science

Science Museum

December 2010

Exhibition Designers:
Casson Man
Graphic Designers:
Nick Bell Design

What's Causing The Warming?

Using augmented reality and a book interface, What's Causing The Warming? employs a series of pop-up animations to explore the evidence behind the most likely causes of the increasing temperature.

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