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Harry Potter A History of Magic

British Library

October 2017

Interactives and Media

This magical exhibition at the British Library features animations and interactives designed by Clay to add surprise and delight to the visitor's journey.

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Building the Future

National Army Museum

April 2017

Follow the Drum

Using our proprietary body tracking software, multiple visitors can become new recruits and experience the thrill of participating in an army drill. It's important to respond to the Sergeant's commands with the correct movements to avoid being singled out and shouted at!

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Our Lives In Data

Science Museum

July 2016

Data Mirror

Clay designed a magic mirror at the entrance to the exhibition that looks out onto the gallery space and explains how 'your face is data'. Our ambition was to create a playful experience that didn't frighten visitors but still showed how sophisticated systems can become when they are trained with enough data.

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The Crystal


September 2012

A Sustainable Cities Initiative by Siemens

Create Your Own Sustainable Building

Designing a modern building involves making a myriad of decisions, all of which have an impact on its sustainability rating. Create Your Own Sustainable Building is a large-scale, immersive environment where visitors undertake this challenge, and are rewarded by seeing their designs for an office, block of flats, or a house build instantly in front of them.

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Rapid Response

Unexpected incidents and emergencies are commonplace in all urban environments. How can smart systems be used to improve the emergency responses that are despatched on a daily basis? Rapid Response is a one or two player game where the main player tries to respond to incidents as quickly as they can.

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Octagon Gallery


November 2012

Exhibition Designers:
Land Design Studio


Dynamic animations are projected above the display cases in the Octagon Gallery at UCL. Clay developed dynamic exhibition animations and occasional 'surprise' animations that play around the 360-degree space. Exhibition content in the projections can be edited by gallery staff.

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Interactive labels

Clay developed interactive 'digital label rails' to display object labels for the current exhibition, and allow visitors to access additional information about the objects they are most interested in.

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Writing Britain: Wastelands to Wonderlands

British Library

May 2012


Clay created an interactive map installation for the British Library's summer exhibition 'Writing Britain: Wastelands to Wonderlands', part of the official London 2012 Festival.

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Front of House Software


June 2008

Scheme Designers:
Land Design Studio

Content Production and Delivery Software

Clay designed and produced a scalable software system enabling Christie's to produce, schedule and deploy visually striking content throughout their newly refitted reception area at their London King Street building.

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The British Music Experience

AEG, the O2

March 2009

Exhibition Designers:
Land Design Studio


Interactive Timelines covering 1945 to the present day span the outer walls of the circular exhibition space which is split into 6 musical eras, each with it's own space coming off the central core.

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