Bletchley Park Visitor Centre


Bletchley Park Trust
June 2014

Clay has designed and delivered ten interactive exhibits for the newly renovated Bletchley Park, home of the code breakers, following a successful £8m Heritage Lottery Funded restoration project.

Block C

Working closely with the curators and exhibition designers we produced five exhibits within Block C - the visitor welcome centre - which allow visitors to become a code breaker for the day.

Life-size digital documents and artefacts were used along with a variety of different interactive techniques to help make the content accessible to a non expert audience, whilst maintaining factual accuracy.

Bletchley Park was officially opened on 18th June 2014 with a visit by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, where she had an opportunity to try one of our exhibits, experiencing what it was like to intercept morse code messages at a Y station.

Hut 8

Using large-format tabletop touchscreens, lifesize documents and paperwork come to life, allowing visitors to explore topics such as how the German Enigma enciphering machine works, or how sliding pieces of paper on top of each other helped codebreakers find weaknesses in wartime transmissions.

In one room, four multi-user tabletops use large-scale projections and arrays of touch sensors to reproduce popular games, using gameplaying analogies to explore the mathematical properties of codebreaking techniques.

Exhibition Designers:
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