CASIO Concept Store


April 2012

Clay worked with creative agency HarrimanSteel to create innovative display cases and projections for CASIO's first concept store in London. The store showcases CASIO's premium brands: G-SHOCK PREMIUM, BABY-G PREMIUM, EDIFICE, SHEEN and PROTREK.

Mr G

The Mr G unit masquerades as a giant, immutable obelisk, but with a twist. As store visitors approach it, an aperture gradually opens to reveal the ultimate G Shock watch, one of only 200 made.

The cabinet uses a unique transparent LCD display to achieve this stunning effect, with the watch sandwiched between it and a back-projected surface that provides illumination and subtle highlighting. Once revealed, compelling motion graphics deliver key messages about the product's design and manufacturing.

Clay designed and produced the unit, including the electronics, for HarrimanSteel, the store's designers.


The Tech-watch unit uses projection mapping onto an oversized model of a blank watch. Key features of three of CASIO's premium brands are animated across the 3D surface in a novel way. Visitors can select brands by pressing buttons on the unit, and the content can be updated seasonally.

Whilst most people are familiar with projection mapping onto buildings, using it on a small scale like this provides interesting opportunities to animate static objects. The gloss black case and bright whites in the content are designed to complement the store scheme, and using CASIO projectors also helped underline CASIO brand values.

Clay designed and produced the unit, including the electronics, for HarrimanSteel, the store's designers.

Store projections

As well as producing two display cases for the CASIO concept store, Clay created content to be projected around the shop.

Brand videos are projected around highly concave surfaces in the basement area, while three projectors are edge-blended up the staircase to provide a high-resolution projection area that can be used for store signage and brand videos. Media can be changed easily by simply switching a USB stick.

Clay worked with Sysco AV to deliver the projector playback system for HarrimanSteel, the Store's designers.