Centre of the Cell


Queen Mary University of London
December 2023

Originally designed by Land Design Studio in 2011, the Centre for the Cell experience at Queen Mary University is a ground-breaking STEM educational resource, designed to take a school party of 30 children and housed within a spectacular suspended pod, designed by Alsop Architects.

The Founder and Director of this project, Professor Fran Balkwill, has been involved since the initial commissioning of the Centre for the Cell which was the first science education centre in the world to be located within working biomedical research laboratories.

Having come to end of life, the experience has been upgraded with new state-of-the-art hardware, media, and digital interactivity. Clay had the opportunity to reimagine the films and animation, while preserving the most effective aspects.

Centre of the Cell's 13 years of hands-on experience proved invaluable in steering the project. Existing films were remade featuring cutting-edge science and a new projection-mapped sequence, generously supported by LifeArc, guides visitors on a captivating journey through the 'orchestra' of human body.

Impressing tech-savvy children and tweens can be quite a challenge, but STEM Pod 2023 is both thrilling and educational, making it a truly remarkable experience.

"I don't really like science in school, but I really like this!" - KS2 student

"I liked how we got to learn so much in a fun way" - KS2 student