Activity Tables


Designer, Maker, User, Design Museum
November 2016

The Design Museum's first free permanent display of its collection: Designer Maker User tells the story of contemporary design through these three interconnected roles "from the spoon to the city" Clay was invited to design four iPad Pro based interactives for the gallery's activity tables. Two of the tables use RFID technology and real physical models as interfaces.

Drinking Cup

Designing based on end user requirements is important to the success of a product. This interactive allows visitors to explore examples of decisions a designer may make to tailor their designs to meet customer needs. The samples have embedded RFID chips which trigger events in the interactive.

Graphic design

This interactive allows visitors to design a magazine and a road sign, and shows how making appropriate graphic design choices can have dramatic impacts.


The right choice of materials can make the difference between a toy that is popular and one that is quickly discarded. Visitors use our interactive to explore the properties of real materials with their own hands, and learn about some of the choices designers may make. Visitors get to create cutlery, toys or a bike out of the materials available and receive feedback on their creations.

Transport service design

This interactive, exploring transport service design, allows visitors to design an underground system, from ticketing to carriage design and the platform experience. The interactive scores your design and helps you explore the ways your decisions have affected the outcome.