Museum of London
October 2022

Working closely with museum curators and the exhibition designers Easy Tiger, Clay designed and produced a wide range of linear and interactive media for this sobering exhibition.

Examining the history and legacy of public executions in London, this exhibition showcases a range of fascinating objects, paintings, stories and data. Clay was able to help bring many of these to life in sound, film, 2D animation and interactive 3D.

Sound was used extensively to add atmosphere, from the creak of an iron Gibbet to the warmth of Nancy Wallace singing 'Jack Hall' on Tyburn Hill. Hand drawn animation was combined with 3D rendering and shadow play on the walls surrounding a recreation of the Tyburn Triple Tree gallows.

Animation was also used to explore execution sites using a series of period maps and 'the Bloody Code' was presented across a series of large displays in dynamic type.

Contemporary research by the museum was also on display including a list of everyone who has so far been identified as being executed in London. The list of thousands of names is very carefully presented on gallery, constantly scrolling, with minimal and delicate interpretation appearing throughout.

Clay used photogrammetry to convert the museums archaeological photography of skulls and jaw bones into 3D models which visitors can explore via a touch screen.

Clay also produced a series of short films featuring contemporary voices, which appear at the end of the exhibition. They explore themes that help visitors connect the past with the present and future.

"Sensitive, sobering, and absolutely fascinating" - Londonist