Extraordinary Heroes


Imperial War Museums
November 2010

Extraordinary Heroes at the Imperial War Museum tells the fascinating and inspiring personal stories of Victoria and George Cross awardees.

Everybody's Story

Clay produced a series of seven interactive terminals telling the personal stories surrounding each awardee and their heroic action.

Each terminal describes a ‘quality’ of bravery by which all the awardees were grouped: Boldness, Aggression, Endurance, Initiative, Leadership, Sacrifice and Skill.

Visitors used the lower screen as a controller to browse through and see the content displayed in large format on the upper screen. Content included Victor comics, re-animated in a contemporary style, historic archive recordings, photographs and stories from the time.


A series of seven animated films were produced showing the portraits of all 241 awardees. Displayed on consecutive screens across the space, the animations gently zoom and crossfade the portraits, creating a sombre march of heroes through the gallery.

Exhibition Designers:
Casson Mann
Graphic Designers:
Graphic Thought Facility