Gold and Glory: Henry VIII and the French King


Hampton Court Palace, Historic Royal Palaces
May 2021

Clay worked with exhibition designers Hara Clark to realise the media for this Historic Royal Palaces exhibition.

An elaborate show of wealth, the Field of the Cloth of Gold was a summit meeting between King Henry VIII of England and King Francis I of France in 1520. The exhibition sought to retell this story and bring to life some of the fascinating tensions that ultimately led to war.

A series of sound design pieces were developed for many of the rooms in the exhibition, immersing the visitor in the narrative and recreating the drama and tension which runs through the exhibition.

The actual Field of the Cloth of Gold painting was bought to life using projection mapped vignettes where visitors can follow the fascinating story which led to the landmark event in France.

In the final room visitors are confronted by a giant animated vista which shows the inevitable transition from tournament back to war.