Harry Potter: A History of Magic


British Library
October 2017

This magical exhibition at the British Library features animations and interactives designed by Clay to add surprise and delight to the visitor's journey.


Clay designed and produced an interactive cauldron exhibit that allows multiple players to mix ancient recipes for potions. Following the historically accurate instructions, visitors discover that if the ingredients aren't prepared correctly, there may be unexpected results!

Tarot Table

Clay created an interactive touch table that allows visitors to receive a tarot card reading by placing their hands onto the tabletop. The software senses their presence and deals three cards, which can then be turned over to reveal past, present and future insights.

Crystal Ball

The history of divination includes many mystical signs and symbols. This magical crystal ball invites visitors to wave their hands over it, playfully revealing symbolic imagery with dynamic and expressive sound effects.

Animations and Soundtracks

Clay designed and produced a series of large-format animations that are embedded into the setworks of the exhibition. A series of magical creatures parade through one section of the exhibition, whilst visitors may catch a snitch out of the corner of their eye in another. An occasionally sleepy all-seeing-eye might give a playful wink from within a wall setting.