HMS Belfast exhibits


Imperial War Museums
July 2021

Clay designed and produced a series of "unmissable moments" to help IWM revitalise HMS Belfast, permanently moored on the Thames in London.

Using immersive sound design, large format displays and a bespoke steering wheel interface, the Lower Steering Position exhibit recreates the drama and tension of being deep within the battleship, yet being in control of where she steers.

Visitors follow a series of verbal commands issued from the captain via a voice pipe, and must follow the orders precisely in order to plot a course through various obstacles.

In addition to software design and production, Clay coordinated the fabrication of the bespoke ships wheel interface. We worked with the fabricator to ensure the careful constraints of the heritage vessel were taken into account, whilst delivering a robust physical novel interface.

The experience is enhanced by the unnerving ambience of the ship's engines and the roaring waves smashing against the hull, heard through an immersive surround sound soundtrack.

Other exhibits Clay produced included a suite of four touchscreen games for the ship's galley, allowing visitors to have a go at triggering simulations of the industrial kitchen equipment used to feed the huge crew every day.