London: Port City


Museum of London
October 2021

Clay worked closely with the Museum of London and exhibition designers Hara Clark on this diverse and timely exhibition that explores the impact and history of the maritime ports of London.

Film is used extensively in the immersive design not only to bring colour and animate the space, but also as a way to present highlights from film archives.

Cutting-edge machine learning algorithms were used to restore and enhance some of the archive material which was particularly effective on large-scale footage obtained from a helicopter shoot.

Clay also produced a short film that highlights the use of the Thames in contemporary cinema and TV.

The central show space makes extensive use of the Port of London Authority's film assets as well as new material shot for the exhibition. The animated film was broken into 26 sections and projected across the wooden setworks that define the exhibition spaces.

Clay created interactive timelines that allow visitors to browse a large selection of archive materials using a bespoke wheel interface. A simple online content management system allowed the museum to edit the content right up to the gallery opening date.