Building the Future


National Army Museum
April 2017

As part of the £23million transformation of the National Army Museum, Clay designed a series of key exhibits which explore the British Army and its relevance to society. Using a mixture of technologies we worked closely with the museum curators to develop exhibits which help visitors understand what it takes to be a British soldier.

Follow the Drum

Using our proprietary body tracking software, multiple visitors can become new recruits and experience the thrill of participating in an army drill. It's important to respond to the Sergeant's commands with the correct movements to avoid being singled out and shouted at!

Mess Table

Explore the food that's fed the British Army through the years on this interactive mess table. This playful touch table allows visitors to cook up some meals and explore the interesting range of rations that have been feeding the army over the years.

Military Strategy Table

Visitors get to explore real world scenarios and strategies with this battle simulation, from decisions on deployments to the final political and social impacts.

Hounslow Heath

Sitting below a print of the military review of the Army on Hounslow Heath in 1687, this interactive provides digital interpretation to the visitor. Visitors can zoom in and explore the print in detail as well as access deeper levels of narrative related to the content of print.