The Sun: Living with our Star


Science Museum
October 2018

Set at the centre of our solar system, the Sun's brilliant light shapes our sense of time, our health and our environment. People have tried to harness its power and uncover its secrets since the dawn of civilisation.

Clay created two interactive exhibits for the Science Museum's exhibition about the sun.

Solar Weather is a large format action game, placing the visitor into the heart of the drama and tension caused by unpredictable solar storms caused by flares on the surface of the Sun. Visitors learned how to identify different types of sun spots, and had to classify them before any damage could be done to Earth's vital infrastructure by the resulting solar storms.

Sunglasses allowed visitors to "virtually" try on rare and valuable sunglasses from the exhibition. Using realtime face-tracking and 3D augmented reality technologies, Clay delivered two instances of this exhibit, which not only delivered information about the sunglasses and where they came from, but also showed them being worn by the visitor on a live video feed.