Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosaur


Natural History Museum
March 2023

The Natural History Museum's groundbreaking Titanosaur: Life as the Biggest Dinosaur features a giant Patagotitan skeleton at it's heart.

Designed by NHM Design Studio, the exhibition explores the intricacies of the Titanosaur's existence, delving into the challenges they confronted and investigating how a creature of such monumental proportions not only survived but thrived on Earth.

In close collaboration with the museum's internal teams, Clay created a range of interactive exhibits that trace the Titanosaur's life journey, from a football-sized egg to a mature, fully grown adult.

Within the Survive section, visitors are encouraged to help baby Titanosaurs hatch from their eggs and navigate the first few weeks of existence - avoiding natural disasters and predators while finding food and shelter to see them through their early days.

Moving on to Grow, visitors stand on giant scales to compare their weight to a baby Titanosaur as it grows into a young adult. The experience culminates with a comparison to a fully grown adult that walks past, leading them into the main exhibition space where the magnificent skeleton is on display.

In Heart/Guts/Lungs, visitors delve deep into the workings of a Titanosaur's body, finding out, using tactile immersive interfaces, how their bodies set them apart from other creatures and helped them survive.

Additional exhibits include Keeping Cool which explores how Titanosaurs regulated their massive body's heat, Defend - a two-player game where one visitor launches predator attacks at a Titan herd while the other employs a range of defence tactics - and Supporting The Titan's Weight where visitors learn about how the creature's enormous weight was supported on its legs.

★★★★★ "A joy for children and inner children alike." - The Times