Promoting Medicine Together


December 2006

Exhibition Designers:
Land Design Studio


This multi-user interactive that asks visitors to vote on contemporary medical issues, explored on touch-screen terminals attached to a comfortable seating environment.

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Molecular Targeting Drug

Molecular Targeting Drug, is a game where visitors are challenged to arrange plastic shapes in order to help create new molecular level medicines.

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Two animated films were created to explain some of the recent advances in medical technology.

Sited within the graphic the walls of the exhibition, these animations take the visitor on a journey through the technologies using graphic character animation and subtle 3D techniques.

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Breast Cancer

This interactive film, which takes visitors on a journey into the human body, shows how cancer is recognised in human DNA.

Using a rotary controller visitors can scrub back and forth, zooming in and out of a human body.

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Lung Cancer X-Ray

This animation shows how new technology can help doctors diagnose lung cancer more effectively.

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Multiple View Points

This interactive allows explores new medical visualisation technologies. Visitors can manipulate human organs in real-time 3D to get a better understanding of the advantages of these kinds of systems in medicine.

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Mouse Brain

This exhibit showed how mouse brains develop over time, featuring cross-sections from MRI scans at intervals throughout a mouse's life.

The exhibit used an animation of a silhouette mouse running in an actual physical spinning wheel, projected onto a glass surface to progress through the story.

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Screensavers and Music

Sally Rogers and Steve Jones were commissioned to create a collection of sounds and music loops that complemented the overall look and feel of the Medicine Exhibition at Miraikan.

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